Why is staging such an important element when it comes to selling your home or renting out your space?

Truthfully, we just love staging! Whether a space needs that extra nudge or not, it really helps for potential buyers or renters to be able to identify with the space they could be living in. Plus, who doesn’t love the occasional Homesense run, to pick up those few little pieces that will really help to bring a room together?

Staging is essentially the act of presenting a home or space in such a way that motivates and enhances the features and uniqueness to buyers.

It is important for people to being able to see the potential of a space OR to be able to envision furniture in a room. Sometimes rooms look smaller when they are not furnished. But put in a small sectional, coffee table and bookshelf in a strategic way – and you have created the perfect little space for someone to call home.

A little something more…

Sometimes, strategic placement of just a few pieces is all it takes to help to bring a space together. It is also helpful to know who you are “selling” the space to! Things to consider:

– who will be buying or renting
– the style of the unit
– the neighbourhood
– the demographic
– appropriate product placement

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